The LOW sugar grape jelly! :)

It’s harvest season around here! :) Everything that can be canned, blanched, frozen or stored for the winter is in our kitchen or in a recipe that is floating around in my brain! We are in deep to our creative ideas for what we can store for the winter months! SO, on a walk a […]

It’s birthday weekend!

I can hardly believe that my little guy is turning ONE this Sunday! GAH! :) I am feeling partially THRILLED that I’ve survived my first year as a Mom, partially sad that it’s been a whole year already (all of those “firsts” are over)! We are planning quite a little shin-dig for him on Sunday […]

Simple hand printed “everyday” cards!

You know, for those moments when you’re needing to send a friend a pick-me-up or when you want to leave a note for your babysitter or hubby! :) It’s those moments when cards like these serve their best purpose! And I’m of the opinion that when the receiver of the card finds out that it’s […]

Basic hand printing techniques! :)

I LOVE the idea of always having home made art on my walls. I mean, something hand made that was done out of inspiration from somebody I know (or admire)! :) AND hand printing is one of my MOST FAVORITE ways to make home made art myself for either my own walls or as a […]

Embroidery wake-me-up! :)

I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO SO SO not a morning person. I grumble and gripe while flinging off the covers (usually all the while the pugs are barking and my baby is forcefully talking to tell me he wants out of his crib)! I’ve just NEVER gotten along with mornings. […]

THE DIRTY TRUTH :: planting spinach!

It’s that time of the year…..planting season is upon us (or at least in the mid-west now that all of our SNOW from last week has melted)! One of the things that I get *SO* excited about is planting the first crop of the year……lettuce and spinach! :) THE ESSENTIAL KEYS: Planting times and watering […]

Chevron napkin pattern! :)

One of my most favorite things about making is when I am able to use a finished product over and over (and over and over)! That is why, to me, one of the best sewing projects to make is a set of fabric napkins! SO….my top 7 reasons why fabric napkins are FABULOUS for any […]

This is our beginning!

It started with an e-mail. A few written out thoughts to a long-lost friend from high school! :) I mean, you do miss 100% of the shots you never take, right? (I think I remember my Mom telling me that over and over as a teenage girl before I would hop out of the car […]