Embroidery wake-me-up! :)

I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO SO SO not a morning person. I grumble and gripe while flinging off the covers (usually all the while the pugs are barking and my baby is forcefully talking to tell me he wants out of his crib)! I’ve just NEVER gotten along with mornings. I don’t wake up with an immediate smile on my face. I just don’t. (give me 20 minutes and I’m usually a new person, but right away….forget it! :)

But, I realize that as a Mom, I kinda need to have a better attitude when starting my day. I mean, I don’t want to instill the morning crabbies onto my little boy just because I have a case of them. I want to be purposeful about my “tendencies” so that I am raising my boy to be HIS best in the morning! :)

SO……..what’s better than a good wake-me-up reminder at my bed-side to get me started on a BETTER foot in the morning?! :) This little quote is part of a song from JJ Heller (who is AMAZING by the way). This little project is an ode to the fact that I want to wake up being reminded that LOVE has given me a clean slate and made my day a straight path! :) I have a new, fresh, (usually) exciting day ahead of me, so there is no griping or grumbling (EVEN if my little Ezekiel has woken me up 43 times in the middle of the night). The fact remains that I am a blessed woman. No amount of morning-crabbies should (or can) take that away! :)

So, take THAT mornings. Tomorrow, I promise to wake up with a bigger and brighter smile. How about you guys?

OH—and don’t worry if you haven’t embroidered before. I will be detailing some of these stitches and a few tips/tricks in the next few days…so stay tuned! And if you’re an old pro, you can download the pattern HERE! :)


Embroidery project, stitching project, bedroom decor, handmade girl Embroidery project, stitching project, bedroom decor, handmade girl

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  1. I LOVE these Em!!!! LOVE THEM!

  2. Em,
    I actually smiled really big remembering those Sunday mornings when you’d wake up for church. You did take a little while to get going. I think that is because you’re such a bright light it takes a little bit to get you all warmed up to spread that beautiful glow. :D

  3. joy stadt says

    sweeeet….do you really “love” french knots that much?! they give me the iggles and a tangled mess! lol

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