Make your own Bee Wrap

This stuff is so fun! And totally crunchy, hippie, green, reusable…and oh so adorable! It is fabric coated in beeswax that helps to replace Saran Wrap and cling wrap like products in your kitchen.   Use it to wrap cheese, bread, fruit, etc. in or to cover bowls. And then simply wipe clean with cold water and let dry to reuse. Beeswax is naturally anti-bacterial and they say you can reuse it for up to a year with regular use.  Say what??!!! Cool stuff.

Grab some fabric, beeswax, parchment paper, and an iron. Watch the video below and start making. Even better invite some friends over and do it together! {make them do the grating. 😏}


About Ingrid Barlow

Ingrid Barlow is hard working crafter with 2 little boys.


  1. So cute! McKenzie is home on Spring break so she watched this with me! She wants to make some. We’ll see if we get it done this week. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing! What a clever idea!

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