Chevron napkin pattern! :)

One of my most favorite things about making is when I am able to use a finished product over and over (and over and over)! That is why, to me, one of the best sewing projects to make is a set of fabric napkins!

SO….my top 7 reasons why fabric napkins are FABULOUS for any maker:
1. You can use them everyday and be SUPER proud that you’re time, effort and money that went into this making is being used
2. They can be as colorful or as matched to the holidays as you’d like! :)
3. AND you can change them out at certain points (I have multiple “sets” that I’ve made that we rotate through……which changes up our tables cape quite often so that I don’t get too bored…)
4. You can really WOW any dinner or lunch guests with your awesome making abilities
5. Fabric napkins are super green….a quick laundry cycle and they are pretty and ready to go! :)
6. They are SUPER quick to sew and very immediately rewarding (a MUST to making for me often…..I need instant gratification or sometimes I tend to quit)! :)
7. And they are STINKIN’ cute….I mean, who doesn’t want to wipe their grimy, dinner fingers on these adorable things?

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I designed this CHEVRON NAPKIN style because I had a bucket of scraps that I wanted to weed through and use up AND I wanted to add a fun and summerish-modern design to bring a splash of color to our table. It’s quite a simple pattern and you may think it looks hard, but I can assure you that it’s not! :) The greatest thing about this pattern is that you CAN use scraps so that each napkin isn’t the exact same; same design, different colors and patterns! :) So, pick out some of your favorite colors and start to throw some of these together….you’ll be LOVE THEM! :)

So, download the pattern HERE! And let us know what you think! :) We’d love to see photos of the finished product!!! :)

ANNNNND, Mother’s Day is this weekend. Maybe Mom would love a set for those outdoor picnic lunches together?! :)


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  1. I want to make these! Ingrid I need your help. :) She said it was easy. But I am already lost. I need a little sewing boot camp. That should be one of your first classes. Excited to follow your blog even if it is just to admire. ;)

    • I’ll save you Ari!! :) You can do it! I’ll walk you through everything. And we will do a basic sewing class–lots of them! But for today, email me and I will help you. Oh, and I am working on a blog post for tomorrow that I KNOW you will be able to do!! Admire+Make=YOU=Handmade Girl!!

  2. Emily Barlow says

    Love it! I think this will be one of my first projects in Philly! Thank you for being so creative, ladies! :)

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