Canning Season!

The harvest is in!! I’ve been canning up a storm around here…it is steamy work but so worth it to see the pantry fill. “Fresh” peach cobbler in February? Yes please!! Tomato basil soup all year round? For sure. Nothing liked canned goods to make you seem like a pro chef.  Today I’m trying a new recipe for pickled Capperino peppers.  These are a darling cherry looking round pepper that is sweet with a little kick.  Some winter night when friends are over we will stuff these with some cream cheese goodness and dream of warm summer nights.  Ahhhhhh.  So many good reasons to can.  Grab a friend/mom/grandma, take a class through community Ed, watch some YouTube…I promise it’s not as scary as it seems!!!  So cool to make your food last.  And don’t get me started on how much I LOVE the bazillion uses for mason jars!!!

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Ingrid Barlow is hard working crafter with 2 little boys.

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