The handmade girl invites creativity into the everyday and embraces the process of making. She believes that making is an adventure. With guidelines, not rules; ideas, not policy. And creativity and functionality live happily ever after. Where the thought of failure isn’t an option, because she has such an eagerness to try new things. Where mistakes are seen as beauty and mis-haps as purposeful. The process of making is what drives each new idea.

The handmade girl believes in herself. She believes in her creative intuition and knows the value in unabashedly creating. She knows that it’s ok to not always know what she’s doing. It’s ok to be attempting something new. It’s ok to get dirty and admit failure.  Because this curiosity fuels more creativity!

The making process isn’t a part of a weekly to-do list, but rather an essential at the core of who the handmade girl is. Everyday grocery runs turn into recipe ideas, mundane household chores spur inspiration for the next sewing project and a measly walk to the park stirs up a new garden thought.

So, step into the world of the handmade girl. Take some tips, work on some new projects or just find your self being inspired and energized. We hope the passion of the handmade girl rubs off so that life meets making in your everyday too!

Let the making begin!