Ruched Pillow

Once you have mastered the basic envelope pattern…or not…whatever…here is a modified envelope twist. It’s made out of knit material and is just dreamy soft and snuggly. I am already thinking of what other designs I could make with this same technique! Grab yourself some knit and let’s get started. {The amount of material you need depends on your pillow form. Your pilllow form will also dictate how big you cut your pieces.  Read through the instructions and then modify them to fit your pillow.}

side by side

Couple tips for working with knits:

*use a “stretch”  needle if you have it

*lower the pressure on your sewing foot a bit if your seams are stretching as you sew


You have 3 pieces to this pillow–the back, peek-a-b0o, and the front. The pillow pictured measures 12″x23.”

Measure your pillow like we did above {width and height} and add 1/2″ for seam allowances. This measurement will be your back.

Keep the height the same as the back, but add 3″ to the length. This is your front.

For the peek-a-boo, use the same height, but only cut it about 1/3 of the length of your back.

On the front piece of your pillow, lay a round object like a plate on the upper corner and trace.  Cut out.  Turn fabric under by 1/2″ and then 1/2″ again.  Stitch to form a hem.

two knit

Make the ruching. {gathered/puckered detail} A couple inches down from the top of the pillow front, stitch a straight line using the longest stitch possible on your sewing machine. I made mine about 10″ long.  On the back side of front, pull the bottom threads from each end of your stitched line being careful not to break the thread.  This will cause the material to gather.  Gather as much/tightly as you want. Re-measure pillow front so that it matches the same size as pillow backing.

ruch pillow

Make a pillow sandwich.  Place pillow back right side up.  On top of this, place pillow front right side down.  On the end of the pillow front with your circle cut out, place peek-a-boo fabric right side down. Pin all edges in place. {Your pillow front will pucker along both edges of top and bottom near ruching line. This is good–it creates texture! Sew right on over those puckers!Start on one edge and sew 1/2″ seam around all sides of pillow.  You don’t have to leave an opening since your circle cut-out and peek-a-boo create an opening.

Turn pillow right side out through peek-a-boo window. Tuck pillow inside. ahhhhh, good job!

I think I’m in love with knit and ruching!

Pin it and make it this weekend!  Or tonight.  Or right now!  :)

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