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One of the fastest and easiest ways to change up the look of a room is throw pillows. Are you due for a change? Or maybe you want to try making your own for the first time!  I’ve got a quick and easy pattern for you! This pattern is very basic, so feel free to use it as a spring-board to try your own thing!  And then don’t forget to share with us what you’ve done!!

env pillow 1

Here is a basic envelope style pillow cover.  I like the envelope method because you don’t have to fuss with zippers or buttons, you can remove it easily to give it a wash, and it is FAST! You can do as little or as much in extra details as you want too.

stack env

First off–measure your pillow form.  Dress measuring tape works great for this…you know, those fabric ones. Measure across the pillow, half way down the depth of the pillow.  Add 1/2 an inch to allow for your seam allowances. My pillow was 16″ across, so I cut my fabric 16 1/2″ wide.

Now measure the height of your pillow. Multiply this number by 2.  Now add about 6″ to allow for hems and overlap on the back side.  My pillow measured 17″, so after multiply by 2 and adding 6″, I cut my fabric 40″.  So my total piece of fabric for my envelope pillow is 16 1/2″x40″.  You have a long rectangle now!  Hem both of the short ends. {Fold over by 1/2″ and then fold over again.  Stitch.}first pillow

With right side up, fold in each end of the rectangle, overlapping the ends near the middle.  Make sure your folded fabric measures the height of your pillow.  Sew the side seams using 1/2″.  Turn right side out, stuff your pillow in, and you are done!

fold pillow

second pillow

That’s your basic envelope style pillow!  Feel free to spice it up if you are so inclined…applique, add a label in one of the seams, hand printing…tell us what you do!  Tomorrow I will show you another fun twist on it!  Go find yourself some purty fabric and freshen up your space!

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Ingrid Barlow is hard working crafter with 2 little boys.


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