Jar Cozies::Keep it Simple and Peek-a-boo

These are the sweetest little Jar Cozies ever!! And I love that they re-purpose jelly jars. Using jelly jars as glasses is a super economical, plus I LOVE the look. Tricky to serve something hot though in just the glass…so here is your darling answer!!

Now crochet is not my strength, but with a little bit of googling, I think you too will be able to pick it up. (YouTube is an amazing resource for learning new things!!) The pattern will hide a world of errors, so don’t get too hung up if you don’t have exactly the right number of stitches when you are supposed to. Your first cozy will be rough if crochet is new to you, but power through. Your second one will be vastly improved. Adapt the pattern as you need–width and height can easily be modified. My best advice is to keep your jar handy so that you can try it on every once in a while.

The pattern has two different versions. The first is “Keep it Simple.” I love this one! So simple. Custom tags add so much to the simplicity.  I give you a few different ways to make them in the pattern. The one shown is a hand drawing. You could even have your kids draw you something! I bet your mom would like that as a gift!  :)

The second version is “Peek-a-boo.” This darling one allows you to see how much yummy drink you have left. Also fun to see the layers…when mine shows that 50% is whip cream, I know my drink is really going to be good. :) This version also works with a standard coffee cup since you can slip the handle through the hole. This version is just a smidge more difficult than the first version…a few increases and decreases is all.

With fall on the way, these cozies are perfect!! Whip some up for yourself, deliver one to a friend with her favorite drink, tuck some in a holiday gift. I’m head over heels with this pattern!!  Get your free pattern HERE!

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Ingrid Barlow is hard working crafter with 2 little boys.


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