2 Handmade Girls + a video

I love podcasts! I am a huge fan. Especially video ones. It is so cool to “meet” people from around the country who have similar interests and to catch a glimpse of the way other people live. I tend to have my favorites that I watch while I knit, while I do dishes, computer work…I even watched them while I was in early labor!  bah!  So I was super pumped when my friend Naomi said that she would record one with me.  Yay!!!  She is a beautifully spirited, incredibly thoughtful, sweet sweet girl.  And totally adorable! She inspires me with her handmade lifestyle. I’m thankful for her friendship each and every day.

Not sure how often we will put one of these out there, but you can bet there will be more!

Here are a few links that we mention…

Becoming Handmade: Chapter 1

The Handmade Girl Jar Cozy pattern

The Handmade Girl Birthday Banner pattern


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Ingrid Barlow is hard working crafter with 2 little boys.

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