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INSANITY!!  Yesterday, I was out in the garden and was trying to control my anxiety as I picked TONS of produce.  The pressure is on now to either get it stored, or sell it.  Oh boy!!  I mean, I seriously have produce coming out my ears.  I have a whole new appreciation for the people at the farmer’s markets that sell.  I have 3 rows of green beans that are around 8 feet long…at one point I wondered if I planted enough…take note Ingrid of next spring, it is ENOUGH!

Here’s the view looking over the garden to the barn/garage.  A huge sea of green!

garden view 3

The tomatoes are continuing to grow well. I am trying to prepare myself for the onslaught of harvest. So far we have only harvested a few ripe ones. I’m not a huge fresh tomato fan, but holy cow, straight from the garden is a whole different story. The tomatoes on the right are an heirloom variety called “Black Krim.”  I got a slight taste of licorice when I ate one yesterday!  Is that possible?!  G.O.O.D.

tom 3

The salsa produce is coming on strong too.  From top right going clockwise we have, tomatillos (darling little lanterns!), anaheim peppers, green peppers, and banana peppers.  We will make a ton of green enchilada sauce with this stuff.  Anyone have any other ideas for what to make with tomatillos??
salsa 3

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in the garden this last week, is that SOIL matters! If you don’t start with a good soil base, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Or, it might be the reason why you say that you don’t have a green thumb… Here’s a few prime examples in our garden. I planted green beans at the base of the boys tepee. It is located basically in a grassy yard area. I was lazy and didn’t prepare the soil, but just made some holes in the grass and popped a seed in. The plants came up, but are very short and are not even close to producing. The bag on the right is the harvest from my beans in the garden. I can’t even tell you how many pounds I picked yesterday!beans 3

Here are pumpkins planted almost at the same time. Can you tell which ones had a good soil base with lots of compost, and which ones were just plunked in unworked ground? I’m really bummed I didn’t take the time to do all the plants right. Another lesson learned. Take the time to do it right!! Find some compost. Or manure. I think most farmers would be happy to bless you with some extra manure! (chicken manure–HOT (use just a little), horse manure–medium (this is what I got my hands on this year!), cow manure–cooler (use a lot))
squash 3

Something else I learned when I gardened at a community church garden, is the use of flowers in your vegetable garden. It is so easy to sprinkle in a few seeds here and there and they really add color and interest. I shall forever and always plant flowers now along with my vegetables.
flowers 3

Cherries are still trickling in. We basically eat them when we see them now.
cher 3

More basil is coming up. I’ve already made about 10 batches of pesto… I need to find a few new recipes. Got any for me?? Cucs are on the left, climbing the fence just like I hoped they would. Pickling has to start today in the kitchen!

Crazy busy around here today! Crazy good. Now the big question is, “to freeze or can??”

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  1. so jealous….I always plant green beans..nothing like fresh green beans from MY garden….this year for the first year in 25, the deer ‘discovered’ everything in my back yard…it was like a salad bar for them…..I have NOTHING to show for my efforts and missing my fresh green beans…I’d be happy to take some off your hands! What a delight to see your efforts have paid off! :)

  2. joy stadt says
  3. Todd and I have been going crazy looking at many new pickling recipies. This weekend he is going to pickle cherries and maybe watermelon rind too! SO jealous of your cherry tree. I know what I want for christmas now!

  4. I’m jealous of all this fresh produce! it all looks AMAZING!!!!!! You should sell some it to me!! :)

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