Devin’s Coasters

Every time I go over to visit Emily, I see these darling coasters sitting on her coffee table. They were made by a mutual-very-talented-new-mama friend of ours, Devin. The coasters are so basic that even the most novice of sewer can make them. They are refreshingly simple.  Here is the pattern just for you!

My twist on the pattern is the tags…I cannot resist tags these days. I think they add a bit of voice and quirkiness…plus they make them totally one-of-a-kind and personal to you. The pattern gives you a few different ways you can make tags, so I hope you take the time to add them to your coasters. You will love it! And then you will start to add tags to everything you make…
coaster cover

I picked some of my favorite fabric for this project…fabric that I only had a little bit of that I wanted to savor. Fabric that will make me smile when I see them. I used the fabric to help me decide what to write for the tags. One of the reasons I enjoy the tags so much is that they have meaning to me.

“make believe.” My parents taught me to pretend and dream as a child and it’s something I try to foster in my boys. As an adult, I’m still a dreamer!

“quiet time.” I cannot tell you how much this means to me. Especially as a mama of small children. For my last birthday, this is all I wanted from my family. GIVE ME QUIET TIME!! Please.

“all in a day week.”  There is so much I want to do everyday, and then so much that needs to get done.  It’s a hard balance for me.  (Actually I’m not sure there’s really balance but…)  I just can’t do it all.  Lately I’ve been jokingly saying, “Why do today, what you can do tomorrow?”  Oh my, that’s probably not very helpful.  True for some cases though.  And sometimes it saves my sanity.
coaster 3

“let er” breathe.”  The fabric has little undies on it and little undies make me think of my mom telling me how important it was not to wear undies to bed under your pj’s….  Just a bit of mother’s wisdom…whether true or not, I do not know.   Makes me smile though and reminds me that a lot of things in life just need to breathe.

I hope you can get some Handmade time in this weekend!  Here is the “Coaster Love” pattern if you want to make some of your own.  Pin it, share it, send it to someone you think might like to make some too…

coaster 2

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